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  1. K

    Questions about Georgia (country)

    Hello, really considering moving to Georgia for tax purposes but my main questions at the moment are about the life style there. I understand its not Las Vegas or even switzerland but: 1. Are there any modern areas in Tbilisi with good building, neighborhoods, shopping areas,restaurants, gyms...
  2. C

    Question How long does a bank transaction from Georgia to Switzerland take?

    Hi Guys My business partner has started a bank transaction last week (01.06.2021) from TBC Bank to my Bank in Switzerland. The operater of TBC Bank told him that the transaction need ca. 3-5 business days. So the money should landing max. Tu 15.06.2021. My bank told me if the money will...
  3. D

    Opinions about Georgia HNWI for a nomad

    Would you recommend it? Any others' experiences? I'm wondering if it is worth applying given the following scenario: - Not intention to reside in Georgia more than a few weeks per year (tourism). - Not spending more than 183 days in another jurisdiction. - No substance, family, properties, or...
  4. N

    Virtual Zone Company Liqudation in Georgia > Goverment (Revenue Services) are not allowing it due to Virtual zone paid taxes?

    Hello everyone, I have a Georgian (Country) company which I want to get rid of. It was a virtual zone company and we paid taxes of 5%. We had a tax advisor we pay monthly for his services during our operations. I don't want to have loose ends, even if I won't go to Georgia again in my life, I...
  5. khinkali

    Any Experience of Georgia Bills for KYC?

    I am hoping that someone here has experience getting bills with name and address in Tbilisi for foreign crypto exchange and EMI KYC. Some people say that BoG bank statements are better than TBC. Others say that you can get a better statement (with address and transactions) with TBC Status...
  6. Mousel

    Georgia opinions

 I'm creating this thread as I wanted to hear opinions about life in general in Georgia. Like living costs, the people, time to integrate in the society, etc.. I know there are few members here who are still living there or have lived there. 
 I am planing to visit Tbilisi around June this...
  7. 1

    Georgia individual enterpeneur as exit strategt for Crypto Trading

    Hi, was living in Thailand for 8 years with Thai Elite Visa in last 3 years. Last 7 months or so I'm in eastern Europe without any official residency due to covid I'm an app developer with stable profiting apps, a web traffic reseller, affiliate and a crypto trader. While being in Thailand...
  8. Q53

    Offshore construction. Estonia, Montenegro, Georgia. Aimed at glocal production for royalty revenue.

    Offshore construction: Estonian OU holding of IP. UBO: 100 my natural person (NP), via E-residency. Montenegro LLC: operational company. Founder: Estonian OU. Will have Various shareholders. Will have subsidiaries or hold equity of llc's the world over. Royalties and licence-fees will be payd...
  9. I

    Correct setup for cryptotrader?

    Hello everybody. I bought some bitcoins in the past and now I want to cash them out. I'm currently living in Spain and I'm considering to move for more than 183 days to another country so I can become a tax resident there. What I don't know is what country should I move to, and what setup...
  10. J

    Georgia EMI license obtaining

    Hello everyone. I am working in financial/crypto licensing mostly in EU. Can anyone comment on the Georgia EMI license obtaining? And can it be used for international clients? A lot of things are heard, like it`s possible to incorporate in any Free Zone and obtain EMI license to service...
  11. khinkali

    Georgia International Company

    Georgia has announced "international company" status for IT and maritime business. It seems rather like the existing Georgian Virtual Zone status for IT companies. Run a business for 2 years before finding out if it got the tax status? Ignoring the...
  12. M

    Delaware company with a shareholder fiscally resident in Georgia (the country)

    Hi, I would like some opinions on this scheme 1. a Delaware LLC generates some income for consulting services executed for EU beneficiaries (companies) 2. the Delaware LLC is owned by a person who is fiscally resident in Georgia (the country, not the US state) In my opinion: - the Delaware LLC...
  13. S

    Remote Georgia Company Setup Suggestions

    Hello, to my understanding there are companies out there that will setup a bank account with TBC. There are several methods but I feel most comfortable with giving power of attorney. Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. J

    Open personal bank account in Georgia remotely

    Can anyone recommend a service or contact to open a personal bank account in Georgia remotely? Which bank is the recommended one to go with, is it TBC?
  15. S

    Offshore property investment

    Hi all, looking for some advice here as I’m unsure where I should be focussing my attention. I’m an AU citizen who wishes to start purchasing properties in Eastern Europe, renovating them and then and listing via AirBnb (holy rental yields) most of the profit will be reinvested, however I would...
  16. E

    Delaware + Georgia Is it enough?

    Hi, I run an online business in Europe that sells non physical goods on a domestic marketplace similar to amazon/ebay. I'm planning on forming an offshore company for privacy purposes. I was thinking about Delaware LLC with personal banking in Georgia due to it being a non-crs country and...
  17. D

    PNB Banka victim, assessing options

    Dear experts, I'm a victim of now defunct PNB Banka in Latvia. I had a personal account there and am preparing to receive the state guaranteed 100K euro. The question is - where to receive this money? If you were given a choice to receive this amount of money either to the Georgian TBC bank or...
  18. MrTony

    Bank account for Georgian company

    Hi! Maybe someone has experienced by opening a bank account for Georgian IT company in the banks, which is not located in Georgia. If someone has such experience please share.
  19. Georgiabus

    Georgia Business Account BoG

    The goods things change so fast . Last months I opened business account in Bank of Georgia in Tbilisi , as easy as 24 hours ready Not questions , and not residence proof address or consumer bill One months late is nearly impossible to open a corporation account in BOG, after a full week of...
  20. C

    Georgia / Puerto Rico (EPB) / EMI??

    Hi everyone. I am a resident of UK and have a UK LTD company and a primary client in Switzerland, I am currently based in Rep. of Korea. At the moment I invoice the client and then extract money through dividends and a base salary. Sometimes I will receive funds via Revolut and was planning to...
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