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Georgian banks -- 3% for an ATM withdrawal abroad


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If you have a Georgian bank account and card, and when you're abroad, it charges you 3% for an ATM withdrawal. Min 3 usd. That is, for $500 you pay $15. For $1k - $30. I went and asked around 5-7 banks, all had this policy.

How do you deal with this rip off? Cash is always needed, one can't always use a card everywhere in all circumstances and countries to avoid paying these 3$ of the fees.
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Not sure if this is a ripp off, most banks charges some high fees for ATM withdrawals!
Which? in Europe? But in Europe there's also Revolut and others that charge zero.

My Thai bank charges me 100thb = $3 as a fixed fee, I think.

And in general, in some other countries the fees can be 1-2%


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What do you expect with a Georgian bank account?
Nobody ever said it's good for cash withdrawal outside Georgia! Their country and their bank rules.

However you can try out:
* Put a curve black/metal card in front of your Georgian card. It will allow you free ATM usage to a certain limit.
* Top up e.g. Revolut with TBC and cash out there. It's less than 3%

Jonny Cage

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Solo club is a little upgraded version of you personal bank account in Bank of Georgia. You just pay 55 Gel/month and get 0% Commission on cash withdrawal


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you guys are complaining about little things. us$30 to BoG to launder your undeclared us$1000 is too much? guys. we are talking about a bank where you can use your country name as the "Address" field where you can tell the account opening girl any nine numbers for TIN and flirt with her while she writes your name on all documents in Kartvelian?? pick up debit cards in your hands from the branch with zero proof of address??

us$30 is worth sleeping with both eyes closed id say. Georgia is lovely. let's keep it like that
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