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Giropay-does anybody know this?


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Apr 15, 2009
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Living abroad sometimes brings you to strange things at first glance.

We are living in Europe right now and here is a payment solution on the market that I had not seen anywhere else.

It is called "Giropay".

Instead of giving them your credit or debit card details, the shop sends you on a secure way to your bank and you transfer the money from your bank account to the sellers bank account.

It is like online banking.

Does anybody has any experience with it?
This is the first time I am hearing about giropay. However I think that many banks already have the options of inter bank wire transfers and I don't see this type of companies becoming famous as it would only increase the fee charge.
I think, you get me wrong. Bank wire transfers by internet are normal in Europe and nothing special.

But these "Giropay" is a secure connection going from the seller directly to the bank, where the buyer has his account. It is a kind of ebanking and only a few honest companies are allowed to offer it.

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