Global Bank of Commerce Antigua reviews please?


hannibal the cannibal
Does some of you have been using Global Bank of Commerce Global Bank of Commerce in Antigua ?

They seem to be good and offering lots of the facilities most of us are looking for, i.e. English Internet banking, multi currency account i.e EURO, GBP and so forth.

any input please?


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They are a good alternative bank for local business and Belize companies. They also have an option to issue Prepay Cards which some may find useful for verification purpose at certain services.


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Maybe in 2016, not anymore.
This is the most incompetent bank I have ever worked with. And I have worked with a lot of Caribbean banks, and EU, other islands like Cook Islands, etc.

They simply do not care. Days to answer emails, constantly chasing them, most unusable online banking platform ever.
You can get an account here easily but trust me - you will want to kill yourself.


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I hoped it is a decent bank. Why is their online banking unusable? Do they process payments?

Suzy Emerald

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Would GBC be ok for just parking some money? I mean i dont need a card or do many transactions. Or would I still want to kill myself?

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