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Gspay Problems


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Jan 7, 2009
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Why can't we login to gspay merchant account

Not Found

The requested URL /merchants/ was not found on this server.

Why do they have issues every week sometimes their site is down

Who is Running Gspay?????????????

Cant they fix this issue Permanently
They are still down, it is the weekend so I would assume Monday they would get this fixed. Not sure what the problem is, anyone email them to find out? I got customer tickets but I can not answer them. I know they still accepting payments so all that is working.

I will give them time to fix the problem and would like to see them send out a general email to all that this is the case but so far no emails on this yet. They do monitor this website so not sure why they haven't updated us yet here as well.
They are still down and can't access the website. This is not looking good. I guess they are on the way out of business. For some time agi I saw a thread on WHT where they was looking for a new merchant account provider / Acquiring bank!

As I see it, when a payment processor is looking for a new Acquiring bank or payment processor on a public board, then they are desperate, and they don't have any options left to get the cards processed. It is a huge sign that something is terrible wrong.

Let's be it a warning GSPAY bait the grass as all the others did before them.
Do they still have problems ? I tried to access the site and it pulls up fine... but as I read it somewhere, it was the controll panel which was the problem and also that they didn't accept payments any longer.??
I am a seller from China ,I am scammed by gspay for more than $2000 .

gspay is a fraud credit card processor, if you stop use their service , you will never get your holdback return .

How can I deal with gspay scam ? can somebody help me , gspay is a Russia company , their office is in London , many Chinese sellers scammed by gspay.

I would like to know if there is FBI internet department in London ,so we can report gspay scam , and arrest gspay scamers .

Help me ! gspay fraud ! gspay scam ! I need a policeman .
Well, do you have any proof for your statement? Also if you have, a lawyer may be your only option for legal action against them but this will require some very good documentation / proof otherwise no lawyer will be able to help you.

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