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Nicholas Van Orton

Silver Member
Gulf capital Investment company is scam, we verified it, they asked my client to secure surety bond from pacificquayfinance plc company, and that Company is registered in uk, but clone company with same registeration number and address using on there receipts and agreement, as we were thinking surety issuance bond company genuine also believing on gulf capital Investment. But the surety bond company was clone of real company as when we verified from original company the director of company denied any ppl working for pacificquayfinance and asked us to stay away from them they are scam. Second gulf capital Investment running businesses in UAE and not giving us company registration number in UAE how it's possible running company in UAE without registeration number??
@Admin - if this checks out, you should talk to OP @rafaelsan and ask for proof of his claims, or else kick him out of this forum, as simple as that. Someone making unsubstantiated claims that may be misleading at best and pure scam at worst doesn't have a place here.
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