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Hamilton Reserve Bank (Nevis) - Reviews

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Recently, I opened an account as a resident in China. They opened the account despite being unable to confirm their deposit. Their services seemed clueless, as when I mentioned the Routing number, they claimed ignorance despite being a USA-based USD account provider. Imagine running a bank and not knowing the routing number! Thanks for that. After sending some test deposits, they claimed they were unable to receive them. Finally, someone rude from the bank, whom I can't name due to identity issues, threatened as if I was at their mercy. They then demanded a $100k USD deposit to maintain the account. Really, guys? You think a $100k deposit warrants great service? Great support? Anything? Don't say yes, because they're unable to accept the truth. This is an update in 2024. Anything else, I'll update this thread. Anyone who has had a bad experience, please share this thread. Don't hesitate to speak up against wrongs. We earn money for a good life, not to give it to shady banks. Thanks for all your support.
hamiltone reserse is a scam run by goverment connect people , is why they still have the licence , there is serious bank in skn , but hty have stict compliance , this guys are just scammers the skn government should close the as soon as possible
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