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Have You Fulfilled Your Dream/s?


Offshore Agent
Sep 15, 2009
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Whether it being a singer...fireman...policeman/woman?

Or even a mother or father..whatever it is have you reached your dream and if you WANT to say..what is it? I'm still trying to become something to do with writing and singing but I'm too shy and have anxiety problems...hey there's another question for you...if you HAVEN'T reached your dreams....What is keeping you from it or holding you back etc etc? Take care!
I had a dream to become a doctor as my dad. I worked hard to score good in 12th standard. But somehow could not done it. And I Did engineering after that. But I must say I am happy being an engineer. I am having a white collor job in a welknown company.and even I am earning the same as my dad is earning.

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