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HEEEEEEELP! PayPal Banned My Site!


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Jan 7, 2009
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I have a rather unethical website -- its not terribly bad at all.. but after 1.5 years of selling my product with PayPal, they finally checked it and I guess its against their policies.

They gave me a month to remove all info about PayPal from my site. I continued to sell stuff through PayPal via my site, but finally I cleaned it up and now they're re-reviewing it.

I've also had the option to pay via Google Checkout, and now checkout is my only payment option

Since PayPal was the #1 choice people made, I fear that my sales will go down. But I am not sure if they will.

I also fear that checkout will eventually ban me too.

What can I do now? Do I go through Authorize.net?

I set up a 2CO account and after 3 successful orders, 2CO canceled me!

My website isnt anything super illegal. In fact, I dont believe its illegal. Its just a bit -- unethical.

What can I do?