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Help with Cube Cart 3 & Google Base


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Jan 12, 2009
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I have three websites with Cube Cart :

Premiere Replacement China

Premiere Books

Premiere Costume Jewellery

I cannot work out how to download the data onto Google Base.

I know how to save it to note pad from my website.

But when it gets to adding to Google Base, I seem to be missing something out so I get the message failed or similar.

I have been using also Google adwords on Premiere Replacement China. I am having some success but my cost to adwords out way the sales.

I had a sale on Premiere Books, which has just been going since before Christmas with no adwords etc,which therefore came as great surprise.

My websites has added SEO done by web designer.

One other thing ,I am looking how to write a good press release. Have any of you done that and how did it work for you?

Any tips welcome.
Press relases are a good way to drive traffic to your website, however you need them good written and not that cheap crap many people will offer you.

You can find some article writers on the internet, order a few one and look at the quality, it is a nightmare to find a good company but it is worth the effort.
Make some Web Directory submission, find good keywords for your services and get them submitted along with a good description for your link, that will help you increase traffic.

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