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Hi and thank you OCT

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I come from a very small country in Europe which shares 3 borders. Let’s see if you guys can guess which one it is :). Life is very comfortable, actually too much even. I don’t share the same views as the majority of people living here. Most are happy with their state jobs. Is see this as a limit to oneself. Reason why I plan to relocate, preferably out of Europe as I know it’s getting worse here and that our freedom is getting smaller every year. I did plenty of research regarding where to incorporate, residency and how to strategically plan all of it, which brought me to find this forum.

I was very discrete when I joined the forum. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I started to read little by little every threads which dated back to 2 years maximum. Let me tell you that I started to feel overwhelmed by the massive content and knowledge available. This is when I realized that this place is something unique.

What it makes this forum distinctive from others is that you have members who really care about this place and contribute a lot. I think in the last weeks I read probably more than 1000 threads and learnt some interesting corporate structures, what darks are, where to relocate and how to optimize taxes. I know there is a Mentor group and I plan to join it very soon so that I can feel even more overwhelmed o_O.

I want to finish by giving a big thanks to @Admin for creating this unique place and how he organized very well the forum. Also I want to give a big shout-out to @Martin Everson for the knowledge he put in here. I share exactly the same views as his about Europe and the offshore world. Many thanks also to @<<snippet>> , @JustAnotherNomad , @CaptK , @Tax Cow , @Jonny Cage , @khinkali and many others in which I learnt quiet a lot.

See you in the Mentor group ;).



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Hello Mousel ;)

Thank you for the heads up, it makes a real big difference to me to read your post, here at OCT we try every day to go an extra mile for all of you, so we work hard to make this forum better as the days go.

Enjoy your staythu&¤#
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