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I am one of those taxed-to-death US Citizens that is interested in expanding my business interests to include some international E-commerce revenue streams. But I find motivation in offering some of the more lucrative grey-area VPS. My interest currently is the IPTV provider boom in America (although the movement has been somewhat tattered recently).

I seem to have taken on a mission to free Americans from the unrestrained greed of cable companies and their corrupted politicians. We are corralled into financial submission by these bushwhackers while the rest of the world enjoys free and unrestrained IPTV with no worries to petty copyright infringements. The world has changed and the US entertainment industry will have to find a way to coexist with it. But for now they are fighting tooth-and-nail to hang on to the last bastions of their combined assault on our pocketbooks. But the writing is on the wall and like the rest of the world, it is inevitable that they will be unable to hold back the tide of international IPTV. I consider myself on the front-line, and hope that with good help from folks like you-all I can move the ball forward a bit. I know that only sweat and knowledge can arm me in this battle, and i'm asking you guys to help me on that knowledge part.
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution

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DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution
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