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  1. M

    UAE or Seychelles for e-commerce in 2020/2021?

    I'm wondering which entity would work best for my e-commerce. Right now I'm living in Europe and I plan to live here for some more years. I wanna do things legally by paying my income tax, but I want easy regulations. Can you give me some cons and pros both for the UAE and Seychelles, to help...
  2. libicap

    Amald Merchant Service - Anyone worked with them? Reviews?

    Hello all! I have recently come across this service: Look for High-Risk Merchant Account for sturdy pay-outs through Amald, wonder if anyone here has used them or worked with them? I tried looking on their page and LinkedIn, don't find anything suspicious though. I spoke to them some months...
  3. libicap

    Payment processors that accept UAE entity for e-Commerce business

    Hello, we have just set up a UAE entity for our e-Commerce shop (consumer electronics and gadgets). We have tried the main-stream ones: Telr, Network International, PayTab, waiting for PayFort's response, but seems like they do not take consumer electronics business IF we are selling outside the...
  4. L

    E-commerce Wine Industry

    Hello, I'm totally new in this forum and need some help to set up our e-commerce infrastructure. I have a digital agency based in Hong Kong and would like to sell wine online in various Asian markets including Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, etc. We sell the wine of our partner...
  5. L

    PSP requires processing history for HK Ltd

    Hello, I am in E-Commerce and since 6 months i own a HK Ltd. Before I went to HK I processed around 500k$ a month with a EU entity. Because i totally underestimated the PSP & Banking hassle with „start up“ offshore company‘s, we didn’t manage it until today to get back to this revenue level...
  6. John Dee

    [ STRIPE - Looking for contacts ] Who's working with Stripe payment gateway ?

    Just wondering, if somebody from here is working with stripe payment gateway, running successful e-commerce businesses online. If so, get in touch in this thread, we can brainstorm. Also interested in another e-commerce sub-topics like : Advertising and/or Dropshipping
  7. ProShelf

    Best Setup for CBD E-Commerce Biz?

    Hello all, I’m glad I joined this forum about 2 months ago. Tons of good information here and many very knowledgeable members. Today my first post, I found some related topics here, but still wasn’t able to figure out the answers myself, so I’d appreciate your input. Together with a business...
  8. Jay Hastings

    Best payment gateway with split funding

    I'm looking for a payment gateway for legit business, that splits the total amount charged automatically, the vendor pays the fee, then for example, 8% of the remainder goes to a service provider (an app) and 92% goes to the vendor directly, the vendor is local and the service provider is offshore.
  9. M

    Business account for US LLC - ecommerce & NRA

    Hi, I've been stuck for almost a month now on this very problem so any help would be very damn much appreciated . SO , basically : I live in EU incorporated a US LLC as i plan to do business in the US exclusively as of now Business through e-commerce & 3pl fulfillment service . Type ...
  10. jakonda

    New crypto&internet business friendly bank in the making (Malta)

    Just came across an info that new crypto, internet business, startups, etc. friendly bank called Founders Bank is in the making in the beautiful island of Malta. CEO is ex-Deutche i-banker, their c-level team also looks legit with strong background. I think it could be interesting to follow the...
  11. S

    Incorporate E-Commerce Business in HK for Tax Benefits?

    Hey Everyone! I have incorporated company currently in Slovakia (EU) and sell sporting goods through amazon.com FBA (in USA) and our own website through shopify (USA). All our customers are in USA and so all our payments are going from there. We buy all goods from China. We are getting taxed...
  12. Bit Tilted

    Hi Offshore

    I am one of those taxed-to-death US Citizens that is interested in expanding my business interests to include some international E-commerce revenue streams. But I find motivation in offering some of the more lucrative grey-area VPS. My interest currently is the IPTV provider boom in America...
  13. V

    Please refer to offshore country and account of offshore company for e-commerce.

    Hi. I'm just a beginner to make an offshore company. I am a non-EU resident and UBO of legal entities in the UK and HK and consider an account in Europacbank. However, in this way, I realized that I can't make pg contract like 2co or stripe, and payoneer can't be used either. I'd like to use...
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