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Question Best Company Formation for e-commerce dropshipping?

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I wanna create a company formation for an e-commerce business I sell on (eBay, Amazon, etc...). I'm living in the EU.
I looking for a place where the accounting fees are low or no accounting. I also need access to the payment processors like PayPal.
For banking, I just go with EMI right now.

For that, I find out that UAE Company formation or possibly the UK (LTD or LLP) can work. ( Romania Micro Corp also but I don't know the accounting fees)
For that purpose which company formation should I go to in the UAE? FZ companies can work for that purpose?


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You could go with a UK LTD which is cheap, actually we just published a guide inside the mentor group which describe everything on how to do it and which providers may accept your business. Of course it depends on activity and PayPal is as usually almost impossible unless you go the more shady way, has to be kept inside mentor group!


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If you goal is to really have a 0% tax setup, no bookkeeping and audit requirements and good connection to PayPal as well as Stripe then no way around Dubai Company with Residence Visa and local UAE Business Bank Account.

Note - the UAE Business Bank Account is the main requirement to get PayPal as well as Stripe working.

Stripe just recently launched in the UAE:

Freezone Onshore Company is the way to go for this purpose as it has it all at an affordable price.

You are not limited to spend your time in the UAE the whole year - to keep this scheme running you are only required to be every 6 months for 1 day in the UAE.

This setup is for the long run and is build on resident banking with real physical banks and can be used as a reputable structure to build some kind of wealth management later on in case the business is doing well and generates some 100k each year.

Latest at this point you limit yourself too much with let's say UK LLP / US LLC and banking with Wise - you even run with PayPal and Stripe in heavy problems as they are very well aware of this famous "digital nomad" setup and don't like it. A account block is just around the corner with this setup and is based on misleading the merchants from the very beginning as they want to see proof of address from the UK / US as this is the local regulation.

Send me PM to discuss further or mail to [email protected]
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution
Offshore Bank Accounts
Offshore Bank Accounts
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution