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  1. B

    Do I need to physically stay in the UAE for 6 months to get the Tax Residency Certificate?

    In order to maintain residency once one has a visa, they have to visit the UAE at least once every 180 days. However, the conditions to maintain tax residency are unclear. The Ministry of Finance website lists the following: It is unclear whether one has to spend any time in the UAE - apart...
  2. M

    Dual Citizenship and Offshore

    Hello guys, Thanks for all the value bombs you’re sharing here! I’d like to ping your mind about my situation : I’ve got dual citizenships and I’m living in my origin country. I don’t have the right to open a company abroad (stupid law of my origin country as I’m fiscally resident here)...
  3. 4br

    Personal Bank Account for UAE Residents

    I am researching the following: - setting up a Dubai free zone company, with visa and Emirates ID - setting up a corporate bank account for the above entity - purchasing an apartment or home in Dubai Before I would make the last step I would like to get a personal bank account in The UAE. Does...
  4. A

    Does anyone have experience with Dubai offshore company formation and usage?

    Im not well researched about the subject because there are many options and its quite confusing finding organized information about all the nuances of each freezone and its up to datw rules without contacting a professional for at least 1h talk. so decided just to ask: I'm thinking of opening...
  5. M

    UAE or Seychelles for e-commerce in 2020/2021?

    I'm wondering which entity would work best for my e-commerce. Right now I'm living in Europe and I plan to live here for some more years. I wanna do things legally by paying my income tax, but I want easy regulations. Can you give me some cons and pros both for the UAE and Seychelles, to help...
  6. Admin

    UAE Company Registration

    UAE Company Registration is a great choice when you want to set-up an offshore company in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, offers the Dubai Free Zone Registration. It is a business capital, and setting up a company there can bring you benefits. Here is a breakdown...
  7. O

    BVI vs UAE (Freezone)

    Hi I'm finding the BVI & UAE Freezone comanies to be both great solutions for an ecommerce business. But the UAE is a lot more expensive when it comes to annual renewals. Was just hoping for peoples opnions on this. Is the UAE now seen as more respectable maybe? Banking isn't an issue these...
  8. oklybusiness

    EMI with a local IBAN in UAE

    Hello Everybody, I'm new here I'd like to know if there's someone who knows an EMI that provides a local IBAN in the United Arab Emirates (USD or Other currency) ? Thank you
  9. Z


    JAFZA, RAK or AJMAN? Which one has a better reputation and is more cost-effective in terms of annual fees? We're a small business and our nature of business is HR services. Most of our clients are based in the Middle East and Africa region. Is there any cost-effective option that allows us to...
  10. J

    RAK uae CORP + VISA

    I understand we can get automatically a resident VISA with a RAK corp. However what is not clear to me, in order to avoid to CRS - you surely need a RAK residential address. ie you actually need to buy or rent a residential house?(which you can do as you got a VISA). Is that correct? After...
  11. G

    Travelling the world as a crypto trader - advice needed

    I am currently regarded as a soletrader in the UK & getting hammered on the tax front because of my trading activities. Annoyingly the exchanges I use most are derivatives which are not FCA regulated in the UK. This complexes my tax situation & ability to trade/hedge as effectively as I would...
  12. B

    Looking for a banking solution for a Cyprus company.

    Hi People. I just got an email from RCB bank Cyprus that they will not be engaged in business relationships with companies that have the characteristics of “shell companies” and they will close my account in November. So I am looking for a new bank. We are a construction/workforce agency with...
  13. D

    Anyone have experience with Dubai (UAE) Free Zone and Play Store, Apple, Admob?

    Does anyone have ever opened a company in a United Arab Emirates Free Zone to get payments from Play Store, App Store, Admob, Facebook etc.? Does their trade restriction cause trouble to get payment from Google or Apple? Quote: Trade Restrictions within UAE: Companies within freezones under...
  14. K

    Anyone with experience of a UAE FZ company?

    I'm looking to setup a holding/consultancy company in a Free Zone in UAE to own my main business and for me to be able to reduce the effective tax rate of that company by doing the management with the Holding company as a consultancy service. To my question. Has anyone here any experience with...
  15. Finn

    UAE expats question regarding finance

    A couple of questions regarding salary setup and taxes. Can you setup a direct deposit for salary from the company you were working for in the UAE into your US (my country) bank account? Are there any taxes associated with transferring larger amounts of money from the UAE to my US bank...
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