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  1. A

    Dubai substance

    Hello everyone, interested in if this scheme will work properly: To make company in UAE with nominee directors and shareholders, live myself in Georgia and have an office in Russia. So that "management" will be in UAE, workers in Russia, and I will just get dividens from that company with 0%...
  2. kriyazen

    EMI for an UEA FZ LLC

    Does any of you friendly people know of any EMI that excepts UAE FZ LLC and preferably issues debit cards in Euro? In a nutshell, I'm looking for a Wise Boadersless Business or Revolut Business copycat where I could hold and transact in multiple currencies. Thank you!
  3. Helkins

    Question Where can I sell my aged UAE company?

    Hi all I have an aged RAKEZ freezone company with commercial license from 2015 that has a couple of active bank accounts (no debts whatsoever) and I’m looking to sell it. Could anyone advise me on who I can reach out to for possible valuation and making such sale? Reason for selling -...
  4. M

    Company in UAE and capital paid in crypto

    Is it easy to set up a company in UAE and use crypto (Bitcoin) which belongs today to me (private person) to transfer over into newly set up UAE based company and use it as a starting capital? The reason why I want to do this is to avoid wealth tax in NL.
  5. Z

    Best EMIs for small businesses

    Which EMI do you recommend for a small business in Dubai (user friendly, good customer support, low fees, multi currency accounts, accept transfers from traditional banks...)? - Payoneer - Revolut - Wise - Other
  6. S

    Best low tax jurisdiction company+corp bank acc

    Hello everyone, I would like to enquire as to the following: What is the best corporate set up that would allow for hassle free banking for a business that would mainly serve one client, who is a crypto exchange? The service provided would be business development and the exchange may...
  7. B

    Offshore Company in RAK zone UAE + Bank account help

    Hey everyone, a friend of mine currently sells items on Amazon and eBay, I have been speaking with a company in the UAE that have suggested I open a RAK Company with the cost for company formation and bank account opening assistance at approximately £1,800 and then a yearly fee of £1000, the...
  8. I

    Dual citizen = dual residency in UAE: Possible to get 2 residence visas with 2 passport in same country?

    I am holding two EU passports. I plan to set up my residency in Dubai, with both my citizenships that have different last names. Is this legal? I know its perfectly fine to enter/leave the country with the same passport if you are a dual citizen, giving you a different tourist visa. But what...
  9. J

    Is there any succes story from Dubai regarding crypto ?

    From getting the residence visa, staying 6 months there to transfer your funds safely to your home country ? I mean some first hand experience step by step with no weird setting company in your home country to transfer it. Searching I'm seeing problems with banks regarding crypto, 1 month...
  10. M

    UBO Registration - UAE

    Lately, UAE has passed a new law for all companies to register their UBO. All FZ license companies are getting emails from FZA to furnish the details before 31 May. I wonder how will this affect the people who have registered the company in UAE and living elsewhere. It will be the end if UAE...
  11. F

    US LLC and Dubai Resident

    Good morning everybody! I have the following setup: - Dubai resident with a Fujairah company (have company bank account, not personal bank account) - First LLC in WY with Mercury bank account - Second LLC in Florida with 2 local bank accounts in two different banks (opened by traveling there)...
  12. M

    Question Best Company Formation for e-commerce dropshipping?

    I wanna create a company formation for an e-commerce business I sell on (eBay, Amazon, etc...). I'm living in the EU. I looking for a place where the accounting fees are low or no accounting. I also need access to the payment processors like PayPal. For banking, I just go with EMI right now...
  13. kriyazen

    Question UAE Visa - out of UAE for more than 6 months

    Guys, I'm shitting my pants. Right now. I have an "investor" visa from AMCFZ, so far, so good. I left the UAE in Nov 2020 and was supposed to go back end of Jan 2021. In mid-Jan, the UAE imposed a travel ban on all travelers from South Africa from entering. All passenger flights between JNB and...
  14. F

    Best Setup for an Online Brand

    Hello, I'm in the process of building an online brand to sell to customers globally. I'm looking for the best company setup for this case, as i know from the posts here that every case is different. Been looking recently in BEPS tools and many structures, but i found out that OECD have took...
  15. K

    UAE Freelance Abu Dhabi and Establishment / Residence card

    Hello guys, I've just got a freelance licence from Abu Dhabi and need now an establishment card and residence visa. I've tried to ask for it with my Unified number (previous tourist visa) but I'm getting and error (asking me to update the date for the mentioned unified number..) Does it mean...
  16. N

    UAE Free Zone + USA or UK LLC? (For Shopify)

    Hello, I am a New Zealand citizen who runs a Shopify store. I am looking at relocating my company to Dubai UAE for the 0% taxes. Shopify Payments is not available in the UAE so I would need to use another 'shell' company in USA or UK and profit shift to the UAE FZ company. I understand Stripe...
  17. GendalfB

    Crypto-friendly banks in UAE

    Hello everyone! I’ve received Emirates residency and looking for crypto-friendly bank in UAE to set up account. Despite I can provide proof of legality of my crypto and fiat funds there was information that not all UAE banks like transfers to/from cryptocurrency exchanges for whatever reason...
  18. D

    UAE free zone for dropshipping business

    Hey guys, Which freezone in UAE will allow me to do a dropshipping business? I’ve been quite successful testing dropshipping and selling to USA customers from my home north african country, now I want to establish a business in a low tax country and work full speed ... UAE is what you recommend...
  19. proexper

    Best Eu ecommerce setup (tax friendly)

    Hi, I think this could be very usefull for many people, so Masters, please take a look. The result vary a lot depending on the ingredients of the receipt, like is nothing special on me, many of you will fit at 100%. (Like there is some consultants and company providers on the forum, is a chance...
  20. E

    Question Can i use stripe with a Free Zone Company in UAE doing this?(Read More)

    Hi Guys, I recently opened a Free Zone Company in UAE, i do e-commerce so i need to setup stripe for UAE, and i discovered it isn't supported then in the Emirates. Talking with Stripe support they told me to use stripe atlas and open another company in USA in order to continue to use stripe. My...
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