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Hi to all! So new that I need guidance


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Hi to everyone! I am living in a third world country. Dealt with adult camming business, SFW or NSFW at the past. Money was good, 15-20K in a month but work was though.
I have experience with Paxum and they were cool, Payoneer also ( there is a site shows you SFW to work with Payoneer and Paypal)
Not 130K in paxum. in 1-2 years, I withdraw 100K maybe, in a personal account in my state. Noone asked anything as Government is EUR and US friendly. Our money sucks.
So zero tax is dope!

Now I am planing to do another business. (not adult) Searched forum and reading it for a few days for hours to basically explain my business:
-1-2 million in a year maybe more I can earn. Monthly 30-40K would be the start maybe.
-I will need to pay 1K sometimes 20K for freelance workers. So kind of a money flow I talk about.
-I want full privacy in this transactions. Not my name anywhere (checked CRI)

I though maybe I don't even need a company. Is there a way to be anonymous with kinda cash flow? Sender can be seen but not the receiver.
Is there any trusted EMI or Bank or EMI's gonna give my info when smth goes wrong?
What kind of setup you suggest.

I got offers from SFM (which people saying no cool), OffshoreCompanyCorp but they are not good about nominee thing which is a lethal part.
They saying Belize,BVI,CAYMAN. for company
For banks Boslil, Belize Caye, EPB,DSBC.

Maybe I think so detailed and a basic setup would be ok with my needs. Just anonymous transactions I want in a secure bank.


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Thanks I am just planing basic setups, trying to support the website as much as I can, even reading posts thought me a lot. A loyal member you got here. Only have adult channel, payment system experiences. Some basic EMIs. Going to open some post new threads to support to forum also!
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