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    You just need to take a decision for incorporating a Hong Kong company and make choice of the name and you can them easily apply for the incorporation with Companies Registry Hong Kong. You can simplify the process of Hong Kong Company by giving a simultaneous application for the company incorporation for registration.

    How to apply for Hong Kong Company

    You have to make the delivery of all documents online at e-Registry with the required fees. You need to submit incorporation form, cope of the articles of association of the company and a notice to registration office of the business.
    Fees for Hong Kong Company Registration

    If you want to incorporate a limited company by shares then you need to pay the following fees for various categories:
    • Registration for business fee is HKD 2000 for 1 year and HKD 5200 to get the three year certification.
    • Hong Kong company registration fee is HKD 1720 and if your application not gets successful then you can apply for a refund of HKD 1425.
    • You can also levy the protection of wages on insolvency fund by paying HKD 250 for one year and HKD 750 to get a certification for three years.

    Processing time
    Hong Kong company online applications for business registration can be processed in one hour and if you deliver the application in hard copy then you get the certificates for business registration and incorporation in four to five working days.

    Hong Kong Shopping Destinations
    Hong Kong is rated high among the top shopping destinations of the world other than the best place for company incorporation and tourists and local people find the best deals. Hong Kong shopping destinations offer different items from all over the world. Hong Kong visit is not considered complete if you don’t visit the famous streets for shopping. You find small and large shopping centers in these streets which sell all the shopping items. You can easily find the opportunities for budget shopping and exceptional findings.

    Resource finding is definitely of critical importance when you incorporate a company. You can find resources at low rates in Hong Kong. Many industries are growing in Hong Kong so you can easily make place in the market. If you want to establish a perfect company which can go ahead and make a big name then you need to make sure that you make the board of directors and then select the best resources.

    You need to make sure that you have a primary office located at any place in the world as you need to show the documented proof. You need to ensure that you get your office registered as unregistered companies are treated illegal in Hong Kong. If you will not register your company at the right time then you may have to face complications in the long and that is the reason you need to make sure that you fulfill all the legal requirements before proceeding towards the Hong Kong company incorporation to enjoy benefits in the future.
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    I read that to register your business in Hong Kong is a complicated process and takes lot's of time + personal visit is required to get a bank account, is that true? More over I read that you can find payment processors in Hong Kong that take on all type of businesses do you know about that maybe?
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    For me HK is a big no go. I don't know what they have to offer that would be better compared to many of the other offshore jurisdictions. The only thing I can see from a "little business" point of view is that they charge a lot for establishing and maintaining the hong kong corp.
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    So HK is not good any longer for offshore company formation is that what I have to understand from your comment @auric or did I miss something here?
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    I believe if you want to do business in China this is a great please to get headquartered for your business.
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    Is Hong Kong only valid if you want to enter the Chinese market or would you consider a HK company if the only purpose was to get a bank account and merchant account for my business but the business activity would take place in Europe?
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    Most people incorporate their business in HK because they want to enter the Chinese market. But for some reason some pople also think they can hide in Hong Kong behind any type of corporation and the banking there. Personally I suggest to only incorporate in HK if you want to enter the marked in China for any other reasons to have a offshore company you will want to find a different jurisdiction.
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    It's the big advantage having a offshore company in HK, if you have intention to enter in Chinese market. Now-a-days China and India are giant for business,
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    I like your tits :D
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    I agree with you Admin. If you are into researching the Asian and the Chinese marked a Hong Kong company is ideally what you are looking for because it brings trust to your business partners and customers there. It is worth to travel to HK to get company registration and the account opened with one of the major banks there.
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    I like your opinion admin. Chinese market it one of the biggest market in the world if you want to start business. And also they're cheaper than others.
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    I already use Chinese market as my main business for a while. But I haven't apply in any of Hongkong company because I still don't need it.
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    LoL what a comment here rof/%
  14. auric

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    Interesting since many are actually incorporating their business in Hong Kong it seems there are the same number that is looking in different directions like Singapore and even South America.
  15. yves

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    Personal visit is only required for the bank account opening there not for the company formation and registration! You could also bank somewhere else where you don't need to visit the bank and still keep your Hong Kong corp.
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    registered fee is really HKD 1720 only?
    I thought it would be huge.
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    I heard a lot about them. I also will consider purchasing Hongkong company if I was there or if I live near them.
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  18. maiden

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    It's not that huge if your business going well in chinese market. They offer such a huge advantages too.
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    Hongkong is one of the biggest country in business. There are a lot of people who take their resource from chinese market. So it's a good idea to open a Hongkong company.
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    You lived near them? Okay so you have seen this offshore company provider's office and staff and all this? Just wondering if they are real?