How ATM currency conversion work ?

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    when i'm paid to my debit card in usd/eur i cannot withdraw to one of this major currencies instead the banks/central bank put it in their reserve and give me local currency that incredibly devalued , i cant stop this the fact banks are very hungry for foreign currency as poor country behaviour .

    what is the mechanism of this task how it's done from the moment i tell the machine to withdraw ? and how it's done very fast .

    what possible ways to withdraw in usd ? i have looked into this too much last year but i ended up to buy local currency from atm when it's get devalued .
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    i have looked into other solutions , like sending the card to cousins in USA and make them withdraw cash from atm then send me USD to bank however isnt high privacy , further the EMI could stop this as it would sound too suspicious ,my card companies don't allow crypto either.

    so i want to understand how i can transfer prepaid balance internationally via a wire online ? i would be able then to make deposit into USD bank account, service like transferwise don't work here .i bet i have few options though i'm not looking for high risk method .