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how can i active my paypale


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Sep 12, 2009
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Paypal IPN in Rails with Active Merchant

Active Merchant makes it extremely simple to use Paypal IPN. Here is a simple guide for getting IPN up and running.

Sign up for a Paypal sandbox account

Paypal provides a sandbox environment that mimics their production environment, with the exception that it doesn’t actually process the transactions. This is extremely useful for development and testing. It allows you to create multiple fake accounts and generate bank accounts and credit cards. More information can be found on Paypal’s Testing Instant Payment Notification page.

Unfortunately, I’ve signed up for two different developer accounts and I’ve had trouble logging in with both of them. I’ve tried resetting my password, but I still can’t log in. Fortunately, I already have my sandbox accounts set up and don’t really have a need for it (except to write this guide).

Create a Personal account and add a credit card

After you sign up for your developer account, create a personal sandbox account and add a credit card.

Create a Business account and add a checking

Next, create a business sandbox account and add a checking account.