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How can i add funds to my paypal without Credit card ?


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Feb 6, 2009
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i m having hard time on adding funds on my paypal.

My paypal is verified but i dont want to charge my credit card that much big amount of money.

I need to add funds with some other method. I know there is a 'Transfer Funds From a Bank Account in the United States' option but i dont have bank acc in USA.Actually im from Turkey but im in U.S.A. now for a year. Do i have to open a bank account(is it easy?)?I saw two options on bank account tpye , checking and savings what are they.What is the easiest way to add funds to my paypal account without credit card?
Postman said:
If you have a verified account then I assume that you use a debit card to verify it.
If you are going to purchase something online and your paypal account doesn’t enough balance to do the transaction then Paypal will charge it on the debit card that is attached to them.
Besides a debit card, credit cards are also used for verification of paypal accounts. Payments for purchases made with an unfunded PayPal account are drawn from the credit or debit card or the bank account linked to your paypal account.
cogbuddy said:
Is that a very big deal to open a savings account in USA? I do not think so dude. Just add amount from your bank account. This option is available only in USA.
I think it becomes a big deal if you have to be physically present in the bank to sign documents. There are electronic applications that do the processing online. However, in light of recent legislation in the US, they might require hard copies and physical proof of ownership.

I advise phoning a local bank in the Us and asking what they would require for you to open an account and whether you can do it without having to go to their place of business.
Wow I didn't visited this forum since I made the post, thank you all, will give it another shot here.
Please do, flofi. And let us know how it goes. If I may say so, many of us here would have liked the chance to get ourselves a US bank account. Too bad they don't allow non-resident accounts anymore. It's definitely cost-effective to have one.