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How do I sell ebooks??

I found a good selling platform for digital goods yesterday!!

Its called e-junkie....but unfortunately there is only a trial of 7 days and after that we have to pay to keep our product for sale........

Couldn't find anything better yet.
The best EBook site so far is clickbank. You can register it there and pay some fee. Once that you have registered it on Clickbank then you should promote it to affiliate marketers, they will help you sell your EBook for a commission.
You can publish and sell your Ebook at Lulu.com. It has a pretty good market. Or you can also sell it in forums. But if you decide to sell it in forums, make sure that you talk honestly about what you sell and what benefit the members will have for the Ebook! Never ever lie to people in forums because it will affect your reputation. If you break their trust, no one will ever buy from you again.
Book or Ebook.

See there are many ways to sell your E-books, It depends on the book..

1) If it a physical book then you can publish it on your blogs or Try having a General website with Paypal integration.. were people could see your book and buy it if they like..

2) Or you can even try writing it online here wwwdotzizzoodotcom How to create and sell Ebooks: Ebook publishing and creator

I hope it would help you.

Sai Sankeerth

CAT Technologies Ltd
SiddFisher said:
I was considering writing an ebook recently, but couldn't figure out a way of selling the book. Does anyone know where we can sell digital goods?
I can list it on ebay, but I also want to be able to sell it on other platforms except ebay.
Thanks for asking this question, earlier i knew only two websites where someone can sell ebooks i.e. Amazon and Ebay but now got to know some more like clickbank and e-junkie. thumbups
Whatever you do, don't sell anything on Lulu unless you desire not to be taken seriously by your peers and customers. You're better off downloading one of the digital goods carts from Hot scripts, and promoting it on Ebay, Facebook, and Pinterest. There's no shame in self publishing, unless you publish through someone who advertises that they'll publish anything.
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Hi there,

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Thank you for your help.. I have been looking at iTunes for selling a oral e-book but they didn't accept it :(
Try to make some improvements on your E-book. Also Amazon could be better than iTunes because they are more lenient than iTunes. Don't give up just yet.
You have any samples on where I'm able to use "online business ads" ?