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How does the Immigrant -> NGO -> Housing Private Public Partnership work?


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Oct 13, 2023
Nevada, US
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I think it is clear what is happening in Europe in terms of immigration, but I am curious as to how the business model plays out.

I know there is a clear relationship between well funded NGOs and LLCs managing housing facilities/camps to house migrants with government funding.

Does anyone have a clear idea about how this business proposition works practically?

I put this under general discussion, but it might be more appropriate under Investing dev56"""
In essence, it’s a mix of slavery and stealing from the state. There are better ways to make money.
I am firmly mortally and politically against this kind of action.

The only time I would get involved with it is in the case of a country too far gone or what Italy is now doing with Albania, sending them to a third party.

What is happening in Europe is a clear case of Lebanonization (If such a word can be used), where demographic change causes violence and political unrest.

The question was really academic, although I hate moralizing.

@JohnnyDoe I hate to go off-topic, especially considering the nature of this topic

That being said, I have a question regarding residence — you mentioned somewhere (I think it is you, although my memory may be failing me) that you had been in the lump-sum (100K per year, I belive) tax program in Italy.
I am considering it, or other similar programs and was wondering if you had any insight into it that you would be willing to share.
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