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How many days it will take for paypal cheque?

Getting a check from PayPal takes nearly 3 to 4 weeks after your request.PayPal takes 4 to 6 days to process your check and then the delivery time through your Local post office takes nearly 15 to 25 days depending on your location.You are charged $5 for this transaction.But the problem is without a valid Bank Account,you can't cash out your PayPal check that you may receive.So it is better to buy some items from eBay or from any other sites.Another option is,you may transfer your PayPal fund to your father or mother's(or anybody whom you believe) PayPal Account who have a valid Bank Account to withdraw cash.
As you are 17 years of old,you should wait and accumulate some good amount of money in your PayPal Account.The time span of receiving an Account payee check from PayPal is nearly one month.But again your local Bank clearance may consume another 2 weeks.So getting money through PayPal check is 45 days headache.Unless you Open an Bank Account, you should leave the option of withdrawal through check.
Hey why do you need a check? Just link your parents bank account and withdraw your money from paypal to your bank account. If you need your own a/c, you sure can get a bank a/c as a minor for now and get our cash withdrawn. This is the fastest way i have seen since check n all will take a long time to get delivered than this.
Hey. I don't think Paypal allow people under 18 to have a paypal account.(believe me, I tried it back in the day:)) OK I went ot paypal and checked out the signup page and saw that they don't require a Date of birth anymore, so that's great for all the 16 and 17 year olds.

And about transferring funds, why not just follow the instructions given above. You could transfer into your parent's bank account, or wait for a year.......
Underage guys should refrain from getting an account with paypal or as far any bank, but as far cheque is concerned it depends where you are placed-it takes somewhere around 15 to 20 days business days depending on the country where you are.

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