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How much Cash Do I need, for registering a Cyprus Company?

You need to pay an initial amount of $1975 as registration fee.

After that there are some annual fee of $ 3340.

The details of fee divisions are given below.

Company secretary (required by law) costs, in Euro395-USD 525

Registered office (required by law) costs, in Euro395- USD 525.

Nominee directors (optional) (per nominee) costs, in Euro 395- USD 525.

Nominee shareholders (optional) (per nominee) costs in Euro395.00-USD525.

Foreign nominee shareholder (optional) (per nominee) costs in


Foreign nominee Director (optional) (per Director) costs in Euro 795.00-USD 1.120.00

Please remember, the fees are subjects to last minute change.

Please check again before you pay.
I admit with mneilson, in regards to the fees.

Please also note there are several different setup's of a company in Cyprus depending on your needs and estimated turnover.
jpay said:
Is it possible to have more than one shareholder? Can a mix of a nominee shareholder and regular shareholder (looking at our group) be of any befit?
Hi Jpay,

I think it is possible to have more than one share holder. There are distinct differences between nominee shareholder and regular shareholders. It depends what type of company you have formed and what were the terms and conditions that were submitted before the registering authority?

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