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how much do you make from your websites ?


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Jan 2, 2009
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I am from india

I have been buying some sites on buy sell forum here

I see many people talking of revenue of xx$ per month or per day & people make big bids

how much do you people make through websites

I mean as a full time income whats a adequate income in usa ?

i have an adult site

makes me 5000$ pm

but still i find it tough some months due to my carloans & home loans

Just wanted to know the situation with other people
$5000/month from 1 website is consider good.

I only earn $30/month from my blog.

For US,$10k/month will be consider sufficient for the medium scale family size consist of 3 member.
My Internet business is my living and I make a good income of it, I don’t want to make it public what I make, but it is enough to keep posting on forums and promote my websites :D