How much time you spend in Internet browsing ?

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  1. letolagal

    letolagal Offshore Agent

    Internet browsing is part of my daily life.No food for 4 hours,it is manageable but no Net connectivity for 4 hours,not manageable.I think it is enough for all of my friends here to understand the importance of Internet for me.I spend nearly 4 hours each day in browsing on weekdays.But on Sunday I remain online for 8 hours and can be more sometimes.

    How much you spend in net browsing on weekdays and Sundays?
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  2. BelizeFinancial

    BelizeFinancial Corporate Services Business Angel

    I'm always on 4 hours day to learn about business.
  3. dany

    dany Offshore Agent

    Spend 6 hours a day in the office and 2 hours at home.
  4. lookingforward

    lookingforward Building Trust Entrepreneur

    As a web developer i am in my browser window almost more than 15 hours per day :/
  5. negon

    negon hannibal the cannibal Mentor Group Business Angel

    Aprox 11 hours a day almost all days :)
  6. salmonfisher

    salmonfisher New Member

    internet is all there is and all there ever will be
    -year 2122