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How Neobux still survives as the best Paid to click website?


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Sep 19, 2009
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I have seen the birth of thousands of PTC sites (Paid to click) in the web world and also witnessed their sudden collapse.I have also earned little money from them but I never suggest any one to be deeply involved in any PTC and invest money.One site,I mean to say one PTC is an exception from above.It is neobux.com,the world's best.The site has more than 20 millions membership base and had already paid $12,114,733.70 to the members.The site is still paying instantly.I have been paid 5 times from it. But I don't know,how the site still survives although thousands of PTC sites has fallen to ground.
Kejatz said:
It's because they obviously are not cheaters. Although PTC is a tricky internet industry and somewhat not ethical, Neobux does bring the best of it.
I think there are numbers of PTC which are scam or going scam way.When the revenues dries up, they becomes scam and we also call them as cheaters.But hard work and commitment has it" s own value that is being enjoyed by neobux.com.There are so many quality ads too click IN NEWBUX.Have you already a member?
Am I the only person who has never heard of Neobux before?

Although after reading this thread, I am now immensely interested in finding out some more stuff about them. Does anyone have any site links for more Neobux information?