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How to Earn Cash Online by Finding Buyers


Offshore Agent
Sep 12, 2009
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One of the keys to earning cash online is to understand how to find buyers, that is people who’re on a mission to buy something. Sometimes these people can be easy to find and sometimes they can be elusive. In the best case scenario we want to find a market that spends money and then give it what it wants. However, things don’t always work out that smoothly in the real world. In this article we’ll look at some ideas you can use to find buyers when a niche blog is already getting traffic, although it isn’t converting well, and how to make course corrections or even re-target a site to bring in buyers, not socializers.

Find the Real Buyers

First of all, does the niche market you have under consideration spend money? Do they buy stuff online regularly? It’s all well and good to get traffic but if the audience that you get doesn’t consist of buyers, people who’re wanting to buy what you’re trying to sell or promote, then this is a problem. Visitors may not be buyers for a number of reasons.

For example, I helped my son set up a niche blog about toys related to a popular anime cartoon. My initial research showed that the traffic levels are good and that there were a number of affiliate options that would work. The blog got decent traffic but it didn’t convert as well as I’ve seen other niche blogs with similar traffic levels. Why did this happen?

I suspected that it was geared toward an age group that, for the most part, doesn’t have access to credit cards or PayPal accounts. They may click through to a merchant’s site but they can’t buy unless they can drag a parent to the PC and convince them to whip out their credit card. Some other people have mentioned problems converting other demographic groups or getting more ‘infotainment’ seekers than buyers. If you find yourself in a niche like this what can you do?

The best idea I’ve found is to begin adding keywords that will bring in people who buy for the original target audience. This means using keyword combinations with terms ‘gifts for’ your target demographic group type keywords. For example, “[cartoon name] gifts for kids” or “gifts for senior golfers” Typically, it just requires a little sideways step to begin to find this traffic. You will need to use multiple variations of the long tail both in your post titles and your incoming anchor text to produce traffic but you should see a noticeable increase in your conversion rate as you do.

Bring In New Buyers

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