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How to file a dispute with PayPal ?


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May 12, 2009
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We are running a small business with the main payment gateway to be PayPal and it works without the big troubles, however, some customers buy some stuff from us and later on when they received the service they simply make a dispute.

Many of them win the dispute and we make a los, how is it possible to prevent such the same?

Any advice would be appreciated.
There is nothing you can really do. You provide a service which is an intangible item. Meaning it doesn't exist in real life or is something you can touch in your hand. That is a big issue with Paypal right now.
Agree this is a tough position to be in regarding Paypal. A thorough reading of its terms of service would reveal that your best bet would be the possession of a delivery confirmation. Services may be intangible but you can help protect yourself by setting up invoices for payments and an organized paper trail which you can use as evidence.


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There is not much we can do in these cases. PayPal would always prefers the buyers whenever it comes to a dispute. The best thing is to make an agreement with the buyer not to start a dispute with PayPal and instead solving it within yourselves.

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