How to get phone numbers for Google Verification?

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  1. Madman

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    I'm trying to open 50-100 gmail accounts, and the biggest problem is the phone verification. I will need a steady source of new phone numbers in order to achieve this.

    I have tried a few apps:
    * TextMe: Google won't accept their numbers
    * Hushed: It doesn't receive text messages from websites. It used to receive phone calls, but now that isn't working for me anymore either (If anyone knows a location where it might work, let me know)
    * Dingtone: Asks for a big yearly payment, and offers landlines

    Anyone have a solution which works?
  2. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    nexmo > cheap country mobile number
    gmail allow number to be used twice/triple .
    50 gmails <25 euros
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  3. Madman

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    Thanks buddy.

    Have you tried nexmo numbers? Do they receive texts from google,etc without problems?
  4. void

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    I already posted this somewhere - giffgaff offers cheap prepaid sim cards, ships internationally, allows activation in roaming (dispite what they say in t&c)
  5. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    yes buddy nexmo = great delivery rates , just don't pick us number .
  6. João Silva

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    Receive SMS Online | Temporary SMS and Disposable Numbers

    I don´t know if it will work but I think it´s worth try. Please, tell me if it worked for you.
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  7. Madman

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    I tried 2 nexmo numbers from the UK so far, and they didn't work..
    What country are you using?
  8. Madman

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  9. negon

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  10. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    an uk number with sms/mobile feature should get the sms message from google . can you post error ?
    where are looking for the new sms ? but i mentioned cheap country is better , uk is like 1.5 eur per month .

    an advice before wasting money in buying number next time check if number is accepted by the service first .
    nexmo show you full number prior buying .

    make sure to use this method in useful things because it can stop working if used in blackhat as numbers will be overused .
  11. Madman

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    UK numbers are 1 eur a month which is the cheapest I found other than US numbers.

    Most of the "cheap countries" like slovakia, bulgaria, Columbia, Botswana, Malaysa, etc. either don't have numbers or cost 5 - 20 eur.

    Which country are you using??
  12. Madman

    Madman Member

    Thanks, that's a good solution and I will definitely use it later but I'm currently moving between cities so I don't have a place to receive international post..
  13. Madman

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    Also I tried about 10 numbers in the UK as well as a few from other countries, none of them worked. Sometimes I get an error, (e.g. LinkedIn says "You can't use this number" or Google says something similar), sometimes there is no error but the message just isn't delivered (like with paypal).

    I'm using the webhook to receive messages, it works perfectly fine if I send an SMS from my phone, but these numbers seem to be blocked for Google, LinkedIn, PayPal, etc.
  14. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    you was asking for google i didn't know about the other services , generally when you get something like nexmo which give the advantage of seen the full number . try to send to it before buying , if you get through the step 1 , then purchase the number .

    that wrong to use webhook . because many times it does not show the message .

    okay i will pm you the country .
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