How to move money from thai paypal to bank account in euro


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I am Italian citizen, resident in Thailand. I have an ecommerce on ebay. I receive money on my personal paypal registered in Thailand, linked to my Thai bank.
If I decide to move from Thailand, how could I move that money without paying commissions?
The money is in euro currency and when I move it to the Thai bank account, paypal get 3% currency exchange fees. If I make then a transfer from Thai bank to another bank account in euro I would probably pay the same %.
I tried to add another current account, but it only allows to choose Thai banks or a U.S. bank account.
Do you have suggestions?


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Paypal allows you to have a Consumer and a Business account. Since you already have a consumer account, you might get a Business account, or ask a close friend or relative to get a Paypal account. Just make sure you use a VPN and phone number of the same country that you will be linking the bank account. Once you do that just move the USD from your paypal to their paypal and then to the bank of your choice.

Alternatively I don't think you could skip the exchange fee. For sending THB out of Thailand, Kasikorn has launhced free international transfers with a select few countries, check it out. Also Transferwise support Thailand, so you might get a better rate sending through transferwise.

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