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How to not get caught!? come inside and discuss

Ok, let discuss the best way not to get caught.

1.I will use tor , so the gov dont know my ip address, but they will know who is using tor
2.So I need a Vpn which doesnt work with the gov
3.but if the Vpn start to work with thr gov, my last defense is a Sim card (online avilable) that doesnt carries my personal ID,still they can spot me through LBS , but they dont know my ID.


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Tell me please what will actually do ? What is your crime ? Selling guns ? Pornography ?
They can always find you.That just depends on how guilty you are..
Tor ip can be find,VPN provider would give access logs and sim provider have card usage history.


You need to first identify who you are trying to protect yourself against. Then device a plan accordingly.

If you trying to keep things private from your ISP
If you are trying to keep things private from the public
If you are trying to hide from your government
If you are trying to hide from world wide 3 letter agency government agencies (if so, I seriously recommend you evaluate what you are doing and whether the $$$ is worth the potential risk of the rest of your life in prison - it isn't )


I already mentioned it on the forum two times I believe... The information is out there, so just do your research.

This is a good summary:
Mind that the article is 5 years old so many things could've changed in the meanwhile. For example in the middle of the coronavirus panic the US government is trying to ban end-to-end encryption - on which everything from VPN to messengers (like Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal) HTTPS is based.

Your question is stupid. If you want to achieve that, do your homework and do not expect you will get a 100 % answer that someone will prepare for you on a forum. Dark market guys can be an "inspiration" for you.
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