How to pay for employees in offshore?

Discussion in 'Offshore Business Discussion' started by Lecitia, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. Lecitia

    Lecitia Offshore Agent

    I have just started my ground work for setting up an offshore company. So my question is quite basic. I have used only PayPal for transactions so far. It charges me a fee of 0.40c to 0.55 per transaction. Is there an alternative way to PayPal? I checked out instabill but not sure how it works. Any help is appreciated
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  2. Admin

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    All payment processors will hve an fee they will charge their customers, that how they do business.
  3. Lecitia

    Lecitia Offshore Agent

    Can you suggest which gives me the best lowest rates?
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  4. I'mRobot

    I'mRobot Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    you pay your employees with paypal and wining about the fee may I ask how many employees do you have you need to pay?
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  5. myshufflemix

    myshufflemix Member

    You can try western union or wire transfer directly to their bank accounts.
  6. deadpool

    deadpool Active Member Entrepreneur

    I suggest you to continue with PayPal. It ensures buyer safety, while other payment processors really don't.
  7. myshufflemix

    myshufflemix Member

    Yes thats right. I suggested the western union and wire transfer which isn't safe for the sender. I would recommend paying them via western union or wire transfer if they already completed the job.
  8. johnskywalker

    johnskywalker Active Member

    Bitcoin is also good for payments. They charge less fees than PayPal and its also secure. PayPal fees can't be avoided especially when you send numerous amounts per day.

    Western Union is also good but once you've sent the money, its almost impossible for you to get it back if something bad happens like your employee doesn't want to work anymore and you paid them before.
  9. waltercrane

    waltercrane Member

    Payoneer is good too bro. It only has a small fees in every transaction. And they're easy to register.
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  10. maiden

    maiden Member

    My clients usually pay their employees using Skrill and Visa. It's more efficient and easy to use. But I have some others that pay by paypal.
  11. erzascarlet

    erzascarlet Member

    Payoneer and Skrill charge less fees than Paypal bro. You can try them as well.
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  12. starfang

    starfang Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    Thanks was what I was looking for.. will have to check Skrill. PayPal is not an option for offshore corps.
  13. SirTycoon

    SirTycoon Member

    If you're planning to have a mass payment, Paypal is a good option because of their mass payment feature. But be aware of its unruly fees even if they're small or big, they're gonna chunk the hell out of your money :D
  14. happyjohn

    happyjohn Corporate Services Entrepreneur Business Angel

    Payoneer can Work but there are instant claims about failed service delivered by this Company. I have an account that works fine but this does not mean that it Works for all people the same!
  15. Flycatcher

    Flycatcher Member Entrepreneur

    I 100% recommend this and frankly I think this is really the only way to go. Would an employee ever have a reason to not to learn Bitcoin if he knows he will get paid?!

    In case of trust issues there are even Bitcoin escrow services. After that I can only think of very few reasons to use anything else, save for possible legal reasons in case Bitcoin starts dominating fiat currencies...
  16. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    Now we have EntroPay I would transfer money to my entropay account and provide each staff member with a card so they can withdraw the money as the like. Alternative would be Neteller.
  17. suzy

    suzy Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor Entrepreneur Business Angel

    You may use service like EntroPay, WorldCore, Skrill and similar services.
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  18. uplana

    uplana Corporate Services Business Angel

    You sure it works?
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  19. brutalzorn

    brutalzorn Mentor Group Mentor Group Sponsor

    EntroPay is good for employee payments the same for WorldCore!
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  20. Richmond

    Richmond Member Entrepreneur

    Why not Leupay using internal transfer?
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