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How to solve my country of residency issue?

Yara Dager

New member

I appreciate if some can give me a feedback or hints or suggestions. I work online from my home country on sites like amazon, kindle, ... basically digital ebooks, audiobooks... I do not make a huge income, but i make a decent enough income to keep going on.

My problem is that USA is posing financial bans on my country of residence... (my passport), and so, many of these companies are closing my account only because of this.. I am worried that all will do the same sooner or later.

Any suggestions please? how to be considered as a resident of another country for these companies? or just registering a company in a different country will help me evade the account closures?

I do not want this for tax issues.. I just want to tell these companies like amazon, ebay: hey, I am not a resident of this country that USA is causing issues with.



Active Member
So, let me get this clear:
- you have passport of one country and live ("reside") in another. USA has problems with your passport country but not with your residence country, correct?
- what residency documents do you have in your country of residence? Is it residence permit? Permanent or temporary?
- so what you really mean by "how to be considered as a resident of another country for these companies?" is in fact "how to be considered as a CITIZEN of another country for these companies?", am i right?

Yara Dager

New member
Thanks for checking... I may have not been very clear.. My passport and residency are the same..

I live in Lebanon (born there, my passport is lebanese).

But since USA is having issues with lebanon (due to political issues), many sites are closing accounts for Lebanese people... I am worried that all will do this sooner or later..

I was wondering if it will work if I open a company outside Lebanon, and being able to register as a company instead?

Or an option where I get a residency permit and i can claim that i am resident of a new country...


Active Member
The e-residency program from Estonia might suit you well. You'll pay some tax in Estonia, and everything would be legal.
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