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How to win a dispute?

You can't win any dispute with Paypal they also on the site of the buyer, which is good if you are the buyer but as a merchant it is very bad. In regards to this PayPal sucks really big times.

It should at least be possible if you are able to provide prober documentation that they will look into your business case but they don't. You just get a stanard reply from them, we decided in the favour of the buyer!
It is almost impossible, if you have items which costs more than $100 you shouldn't use PayPal for that, they put all replies to you on auto pilot and give a s**t off what you as seller have to say.

Just keep your balance low with this mafia company and only sell items below the $100 mark.
You can win.

Choose a company like DHL for your delivery of goods.

DHL is able to give you the full information, who, where and when a person gets your package and they will send you a signature, if you request one.

I had trouble with a buyer, who claimed of not getting a parcel from me.

I had his signature, his full name, delivery date and could proof that he personally get his parcel.

By the way get yourself a witness while packing parcels. You never know, if somebody is claiming a wrong item received.
I had never heard anyone winning a dispute against PayPal and they can't win too. In their user agreement PayPal states that any disputes would be only handled at the courts in their locality which many people won't approach on most cases.
Sorry, I was wrong, i thought you have a dispute with somebody else at Paypal.

If you have a dispute against Paypal, you have to bring it to court and a judge has to decides who is right.

And some have won against Paypal. Take a quick search at google and you will find them.

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