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  1. krm

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    I am new here but noticed the lack of HTTPS

    Please purchase a SSL certificate to secure the browsing of the site.

    They are really cheap these days if you look around(or I can provide links).

    Its best to get a 256 bit certificate (over 128 bit) as they are more secure.
  2. Admin

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    Why would we want a SSL certificate for a public forum?
  3. krm

    krm Offshore Agent

    Because talk conducted within the forum can be very heavy duty for some people.

    Having SSL will halt/slow down any government agencies/hackers/etc snooping on individuals browsing activity.
  4. riskprocessor

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    That’s really absurd how you have taken the entire discussion plainly out of track, lol! It would be appreciated if you can explain how talk conducted on forums can be too heavy for people to understand or relate to. And how having SSL slowing down hacking activities can be an always-applicable and permanent solution to an assortment of issues that different people are facing right now!
  5. botero

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    I think SSL is a must for any site with logins and sensitive content such as this forum. Otherwise, a lot of activity on this forum is exposed to ISP's, governments, law enforcement, third parties, office networks, schools, etc. Here's one example on why it's important: Details of UK website visits 'to be stored for year' - BBC News

    I suggest considering an SSL certificate or at least Cloudflare's free SSL protection. It's definitely worth the effort.
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  6. Admin

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    It's going to be a problem with the SSL since the forum allows to link out to extern resources which would give a unsecure connection. Anyway, I'm in touch with a company at the time we speak which say they can implement the SSL if so, we will have it done soon.

    Thanks for the feedback guys ;)
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  7. Admin

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    Guys, can you please check if the forum runs with SSL for you now? and if there are any errors please report back here :)
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  8. clemens

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    It seems to work for me thu&¤# I have the secure connection in the browser.. no warnings!
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  9. crownblown

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    All great from Mexico.. Thanks Admin great move thu&¤#
  10. botero

    botero New Member

    Working great for me, thanks!
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  11. negon

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    Works for me.. nice job :)
  12. Admin

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    Thank you :)
    Thank you :)
    Thank you :)
    Thank you :)

    To all of you thanks for the feedback, I'm happy that it works for all of you thu&¤#