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The following companies have business collboration in providing certain services.

IAC Payment Services Provider has acquired a Payment Service Provider License (No. 754751), issued by the UAE government (registration number:1667652).

I-ACCOUNT SERVICES (PH) INC. is an institution authorized by BSP registered: Foreign Exchange Dealers, Money Changers and Remittance Agents (Registered Number FX-2016-005862-000).

PAYEDGE LIMITED is licensed with a Money Service Operator (Registered Number 13-06-01226) license by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department.



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what they mean by this notification ?? they can refund and transfer balance to clients who are not resume their accounts ??? if yes ! why they not refund to any member until now ???
I assume it is just more b.s!
I got this, "Due to the recent updates, kindly contact [email protected] for your i-Account concerns.".
Then this, "Due to the recent updates, kindly contact [email protected] for your i-Account concerns."
Now I understand why "Circle Pay"... "everything goes in circles". This is a bad joke of a company.
Anyway, we DENIED their continuation of services however they have not replied to any of our emails since May and have told us nothing of our outstanding transfer (around $5K) which was sent in January.

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Seeing as quite a few people seem to have an issue with IAccount / LIRI, here is my update - in case it helps or if someone has additional useful comments.

I used I-account with moderate success for a while, after they were recommended by one of the London agencies I've used before. Currently I'm in the same situation with many other people with funds stuck and outbound SWIFT payments either becoming 'cancelled' or 'failing' after about 1 month.

I've been talking to the HK regulator (Money Service Supervision Bureau, Customs and Excise Department), who offer a chance to 'report' the company, but have no conduct guidelines or enforcement process.

I'm not very optimistic about recovering my funds, however a claim via courts seems to be most practical option. Anyone local to HK could use the small claims tribunal for costs <= 75k HKD. Not an option for me, so have discussed the District Court route with a HK solicitor. District Court would allow reclaiming court fees, and having it handled remotely by a solicitor. Main objective is ensuring the companies running 'I-account' have assets in HK, so in case of obtaining a default judgment against them the funds could be recovered from them via a control order.

I account is run by PAYEDGE LIMITED (the registered MSO) and LIRI HOLDINGS LIMITED. The directors hold foreign passports (Japanese, St Kitts and Nevis) , which might indicate nominees. Some do have HK addresses. It might be fair to assume they hold their funds outside HK, in which case HK litigation would be ineffective.

My current plan is to arrange a control order before starting any litigation, to ascertain what assets said companies have in HK. I'm been told by a HK solicitor this can be done, and am currently waiting on further feedback.

I'll also report them for financial crime as per the regulator's instructions, as it seems there is evidence they are fraudulent in misappropriating customer funds and not providing advertised services. I'd advise others do the same - Email – [email protected]; or Crime Report (CED358) that can be accessed vide http://www.customs.gov.hk/filemanager/common/pdf/pdf_forms/ced358.pdf

These guys are really professional scammers and a huge pain in the arse to deal with!! I have some friends who run a financial startup and they had big money with iaccount or payedge whatever, and it seems they used the same tactics to delay and even cancel wire transfers.

Luckily after months of efforts and pressure, we managed to get all their settlements paid. The autorities there will do nothing for you, I tried !! Now they are changing their business names to Circlepay - be very careful if you are going to accept the change of service provider .. from as far as i understand the circlepay thing is because of all the bad image payedge has got, so don't expect it to be better, it actually makes me think of a corporate trap.


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Like many people here, I can not use my i-account anymore since july.
I received the same email saying that the transfer was going to take time. ("The transfer of business of service has not been finished yet. The system is still under transfer and adjustment...")
I am not reassured anyway.
Some have they started a procedure with the police against them?

Do you trust in the return of the service?
Who has news of this service?
Thank you


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Thanks for the info. Can you share the email
Support (Payedge)

Aug 21, 03:24 EDT

Dear Mr,

Our sincerest apologies.

We are now expecting the transfer to be done around the middle of September and as soon as this is finished, we will refund you the balance on your i-Account.

Also, may we also confirm if your request to refund means you do not consent to the transfer?

Thank you very much.

Support Team


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we need A solution with them !! atleast they transfert our balance to europe bank ! so we solve instead of loose our all money !! we must wait until half of september


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really strange !! how much on bad conditions we really are !
support team are still reply me as payedge team in email ! where is cicle pat LLC ?
i think they play game with us thos scammers !


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hi, apartment i-account is back alive!!!!!!!

Dear Valued Client,

Thank you for supporting i-Account and its services over the years.

In order to increase the convenience of usage, we will have a full upgrade to our system.
Rest assured that client's account information and account balance will be transferred to the new system directly. Since the transaction history cannot be transferred, please have it checked before the system upgrade.
【Maintenance Period】
During the system upgrade, the system will be under maintenance between the period

Sep.26.2019 2 am ~ 12 pm (GMT±0)

The maintenance completion time may vary depending on the actual situation.
After the maintenance is finished, you will be able to login to our new system.
【Update point of the system upgrade】
1. Your Login ID will be changed to your registered email address and you will have to set a new account login password.

Please click on the 【Pasword Reset】in the login page, enter your registered email address, and you will receive a guide email to reset your password.

Please visit the password reset link and enter your date of birth to set your new login password.
New system login url: https://member.i-account.cc/dashboard/

2. Add Bank Information

In order to process deposit and withdrawal transaction to your bank account, you will need to add your bank account information to your account.

After logging in to your account, please click on the [My Account] button at the upper right corner and add the bank account that you are willing to use in [My Bank Information].
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we brought you due to the system upgrade this time and we hope to receive your support and understanding in the future.
If you have any inquiries regarding our system upgrade this time, please don't hesitate to
contact our customer support.

i-Account Customer Support
URL: https://i-account.cc
Email: [email protected]

good luck to all those like me who have money blocking with them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​

N 88, Avtomshenebeli str., City Kutaisi, Georgia



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new on there website

Currently, this service is under maintenance and not available from 02:00~12:00 (GMT+0). Sorry for the inconvenience.



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The maintenance period will be extended for several hours.
This service is under maintenance currently and not available from 02:00 AM to 05:00 PM (GMT+0).
Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Update is finished. Now for those who DID NOT accept terms... what is the current email for "refund"? Is there a Circle Pay LLC email?

"Due to the recent updates, kindly contact
[email protected] for your i-Account concerns."

"Due to the recent updates, kindly
contact [email protected] for your i-Account concerns."


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I did NOT agree to the transfer of funds and personal data. I can NOT log in to my i-account at the moment and can't request a password change.

So far I haven't received any information from either Payedge Limited or i-Account or Circle Pay LLC.

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