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I am looking for an anonymous company for purchases in Germany and sales in Italy


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Nov 16, 2023
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Good morning everyone.
I am an Italian citizen with a company in Italy.
I need a company in which I am not listed, to make purchases in Germany and sell the goods purchased in Italy.
all this without the German supplier knowing.
I ask if you can advise me on the best solution.
I wrote to two people on the forum via email that they have in their signature but they never replied to me.
When you advertise, also check your inbox.

If all you need is privacy from companies and private individuals and not for example the government, a short-term solution could be forming a company in Cyprus or Malta with nominee shareholders and directors. Cyprus and Malta have closed their UBO registries, and it'll probably be some time before they are opened up again.

But if you want to go one step further, you'd need to look into some non-EU options. That can make banking in Europe harder. It's hard even with an EU company with nominees; even harder for a non-EU/EEA company.

USA might be a good option: an LLC formed in states like Wyoming and New Mexico can be anonymous

BVI and Mauritius could also work and there's a chance you could get decent banking if the business is large and interesting enough (i.e. if they bank can make enough money on you).
How are your plans going? Maybe you've found out that it's not so easy to register a company anonymously anymore! You might want to look inside the mentor group gold for more information, there are some tips on how you might be able to solve your task anyway.

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