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I Am Looking Online Debit Card Service


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Jan 8, 2009
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- for PayPal

- international applicant can apply

- apply via online

- debit card service company has good reputation

- the service company based on any centuries that have good reputation e.g US, Canada, Australia and more...

- the service company can send the debit card to my home

Please don't answer "e*Trade". I saw DBS bank (Singapore) debit card can be accepted by PayPal. But you need to go to Singapore to apply the debit card. I want apply the debit card via online.

Do anyone know about this?
Recently, I have just opened a US account with online application, sending scanned documents online, get approval within no more than 2 days, US bank account within 2 weeks, and follow with VISA card in teh next few days. Normally, a US bank account is activated by sending in money into it, but this account does not. You just need to verify it with Paypal and DONE! Your account is activated.

And this is not Etarde. Etrade did disappoint me last time. Etrade is no longer serving opening US Bank Account for Asian. All new Etrade account has been moved to Hongkong Branch.

Go ahead check it out! here copy and paste to your browser [email protected]

Good luck!