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Question I need a swiss or similar bank with less documents and KYC procedures.


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Oct 4, 2022
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Hi friends.

I applied to Dukascopy for unlimited service. Normally I was a client with ID etc. But for unlimited deposit or withdrawal I needed full service. I provided my government id, a bank statement signed by 2 officers. But they declined. They wanted proof of regular income and asked why I retired early. My retirement reason is I was a victim of mobbing at job, I had to get a fake medical report and retire. They won't open an account.

In my country sending money abroad is controlled and they decline it. If I will withdraw from my broker to local bank I will never be able to send it back offshore or the same broker.

Is there any swiss or simillar countries reliable bank who opens account with less documents and KYC procedures (only government id and bank statement and video proof and mobile phone activation) I need such a bank. But it should be reliable and not in danger of loosing funds.

It should allow 25.000 USD or more deposit and withdrawal (no limits like Dukascopy) and no limits. Unlimited deposit and withdrawals preferred.

It should not have monthly or yearly fees (or very low) and credit cards with low fees. It is preferred it there is a way to waive fees.

I hope some of you will help. But I need a reliable bank.

Because there are less documents, there should not be a danger of getting my account locked and I become unable to withdraw. Or someone access my account.

Thank you!...
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Dukascopy is following the same international standards on KYC as all banks have to. No one is going to give you an account with unlimited transfers without at some point digging into your source of wealth. They might not ask today but once they start seeing a couple of those 25,000 USD transactions coming and going, they will ask you to prove the origin of the funds.

And on top of this, you want the bank to do this for free?

Your expectations are unrealistic.
Turkey. And Turkish citizen.
If your situation has not been solved yet, try Verifo. It's a LT EMI, not a bank but reliable; and TBMK has nothing against Turkey-based clients.
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Thanks Forester.
You are welcome.
Great You can try in myguava (Please note I am not user of myguava)
Are you sure? As I can see at MyGuava | FAQ, to apply for an account with them you need to be a UK resident... Nevertheless it is true that they have offices in USA, Canada and Poland, too, so this does not make much sense; perhaps the FAQ information is outdated? It's strange, anyway.