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iBill is back in business, bigger than ever before...who believe this s**t?


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Jan 8, 2009
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Greetings from iBill…
We wanted to provide you with an update regarding the new programs we are currently working on. The following will highlight our latest programs and business additions as well as let you know when you can expect their much-anticipated arrival.

Also, we will be in Amsterdam next month for anyone who would like to meet face to face. We will not be having a booth there as we have our days full around town, but will be available to meet and greet at night.

Tangible Selling

Release Date: August 1, 2009

Now you can increase your revenue by selling your videos, toys, magazines and other items through iBill. This process provides a great way to get your items noticed and make those sales more lucrative and more continuous overall. Please call us with any questions regarding our Tangible Selling program as we are happy to help.

Multi Level Billing

Release Date: January 1, 2010

We are coming out with a fully customizable Multi Level Billing platform for you to utilize and add your levels of billing whenever need be. This feature will allow the merchant to view custom reporting and text reporting in addition to viewing live reports. You will even be able to swap your order of transaction processing on the fly via the web or our iPhone iBill app. This platform will make the order you set your billing easy as can be no matter how many levels you may have to tend to in this regard.

In order for us to truly meet the needs of our clients, we will be doing surveys online to get your feedback. We want to see what is most important to you the users so we can make sure we don’t miss a thing.

Make sure to catch our video tour of this new service starting mid-September.

1% for Life Program

Release Date: September 20, 2009

The 1% for Life Program is a great way to help promote iBill while helping yourself at the same time. When you promote iBill you will get anywhere from 1% to 2% of every sale for the life of the account from all merchants which you bring to iBill. Ease of reporting will be yours as you can do so via the master account as well as your iPhone app where you can see live stats. Any time of the day you will be able to find out what your payout will be for that period. This program will pay anywhere from 1% to 2% based on the total monthly transactions which the merchants process.

NOTE: You do not need to be processing with iBill to use this program.


Release Date: February 15, 2010

Revshare is our affiliate program, which will allow merchants to add websites on the fly with practically 100% custom features consisting of everything from adding links to commissions. Again, this is something which can be managed via the web or the convenient iPhone app.

This is just a small glimpse at the multitude of new features and programs we are currently working on. Check back our website frequently to see what up and coming concepts iBill has created to make your payment processing experience the best it possibly can be.
the BIGGEST RED FLAG by far is the fact that a group of idiots got together and actually thought it was a great idea to revive a name that has been thoroughly destroyed, is associated with one of the biggest IPSP failures ever and of a company that OWES people money.. and then try to market that to the same crowd.

its difficult to grasp the unfathomable incompetence demonstrated right out of the gate... i mean, people couldn't even believe it was f*****g real.. that's how mind numbingly stupid these "business decisions" are before they even get started.. and what? you're really going to trust them with your money? seriously?
Was just wondering when it would show up on the different forums.... this is going to be very bad and I believe many will for a second time loose a lot of money.

The new owner of iBill is defending himself on another forum... this is going to be crazy....

The fact is that I do care and i am making offers the old iBill webmasters who got caught up in that mess-up. If I did not care, then why would I offer this?
The only people I don't care about is the people who still think i or the new iBill owes them money after everything that is out there about the company. I have a question, how come not one person to date has stepped up to the plate to sue us? Maybe just maybe it is true that we have had nothing to do with iBill after 2002 until we took it over.

So, feel free to continue to bash us, it don't matter to me, for the most part it is good reading for me at night when i am waiting for king of the hill to come on at midnight.

You need to understand one thing, My face is out there, people have seen and talked to me at shows. I am looked at more then a new pop up payment processor.

If I wanted to take your money, why would I bring iBill back? I could have started a new company that no one has heard of before, take the money and be gone without anyone ever seeing me.


Jonas, iBill
So, feel free to continue to bash us, it don't matter to me, for the most part it is good reading for me at night when i am waiting for king of the hill to come on at midnight.
P.S. Rolling with the punches hasn't been a good idea on the Internet for at least the last decade; but then again, judging by your choice of branding, I'm guessing that research is not your strong suit.
Okay this thread got me back to the cclogic forum and I pay it attention.

You may 'not care' but being owed $20k from Ibill I sure as hell would never go near any company with that name again, or any company with the same people involved.

No hope in hell you are gonna get past the mess Ibill left before it went bust, no matter how many 'bro' points you get at conventions. Many of us have long memories.
And some more reading here, which makes interisting...

The name IBILL stands for $30 million in lost webmaster income, thousands of lost jobs, lost credit ratings and dozens of lost homes and broken families . Even when you "Joan's" worked at IBIll during the first 4 years, hundreds of thousands of $ of webmasters money disappeared in the Web 900 fiasco and IBILL washed its hands of the matter disclaiming all responsibility. You in your wisdom decided to trade on that reputation, That is akin to someone going out and calling itself AIG and trading off their failure.

You want serious questions here's a couple

How much money does the NEW Ibill have deposited in case your merchant bank withdraws support ?

What value do you have in insurance as required by law to cover losses should a web 900 or similar loss making incident happen in the New Ibill.

In other words spell out exactly in $ and cents how you will compensate webmasters when you or your merchant bank fail.