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In china ,EG can not login!


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Sep 12, 2009
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Has anyone gotten this one from E-gold and can’t access your account?

The IP you are using to access the e-gold website (x.x.x.x) appears on DNS blacklist(s) as being either an open proxy or otherwise exploited.

You will not be permitted to access e-gold services from this IP while the DNS blacklist record(s) remain active. Your first order of business should be to make sure that you are computing securely. Please read and implement e-gold’s Security Recommendations. After you have resolved any security issues, you are then ready to take steps to get your IP removed from DNS blacklist(s).

Please visit the following websites to begin that process.


Adobe Acrobat User Community | Acrobat User Community


It’s trouble some to work things around since I have to connect to another VPN to access my account. Anyone facing the same experience?

you can check the lowest E-gold price just from a summarized page. How convenient is that? Also if you’re interested to verify the rates, you could use this page where there’s a summary on how much you’d get after spending on wires to your exchanger here.

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