Incorporate in Delaware, US as a foreigner.

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    I need to setup a LLC in Delaware. Privacy is required. Nominees are optional but good if possible. The company will be used for investing in US. Have a few questions.
    ▪ Does US report this company info (and other stuff) to my country. (aka AEOI)
    ▪ What are the costs of this? Along with annual fees.
    ▪ What are the taxes involved in this?
    ▪ What are some reputable, reliable agents for this?

    Thank you for any response in advance.
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    As far as I know your name doesn't go public registry in Delaware, but check about double taxation.
    The setup will be like $1000 and around $800 every year.

    ▪ What are some reputable, reliable agents for this?

    None, all agents are the same, they just want to push companies setup . You can try this one Why Incorporate in Delaware? Why Form a Delaware LLC? , they are very famous.
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    @Luigi Thank you for your response. Really appreciate it.
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