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Inquiry for Tax Advice and Solutions for a Remote Business


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Sep 16, 2020
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Hello everyone,

I am seeking advice and solutions regarding the tax implications and optimal financial strategies for my business, and I believe your expertise could provide valuable insights. Below is a summary of my situation, specific concerns, and plans:

### **Business Overview:**
- I specialize in software creation, web design, logo design, and art.
- I operate a fully remote and online business with no local operations in the UK or Latvia.
- I am citizen of country ex-USSR country but I am a resident of Latvia, EU and have resident permit here, but my business is registered in the UK.
- My clientele, receiving digital services, are primarily based in Italy, Spain, and surrounding areas in Europe.

### **Specific Concerns:**
1. **Corporate Tax:** I understand that my corporate tax in the UK should be 0% as my business does not engage in any trade or provide any services in the UK. I need advice on managing this with HMRC and obtaining any necessary approvals or documentation to confirm this tax status.
2. **Tax Jurisdiction:** Given the unfavorable tax policy in Latvia, I am exploring the most appropriate jurisdiction to pay corporate tax and seeking legal and smart solutions to minimize taxes.
3. **Withdrawal of Funds:** I plan to withdraw accumulated funds either as dividends or salary and need advice on the most beneficial option considering tax implications.

### **Questions:**
1. What are the initial steps to ensure optimal strategy?
2. How can I legally minimize taxes and maximize net profit withdrawals to my personal bank account?
3. Where should I pay corporate tax considering my specific business model and location?
4. Given my lack of knowledge in accounting and business finance, I might have queries that may seem basic, and I am keen on learning quickly to ensure the financial health and compliance of my business.

### **Plans:**
- I am willing to learn and adapt to ensure the financial health and compliance of my business.
- I am looking for legal and smart decisions to minimize the taxes and withdraw more tax-free and paid net profit to my personal bank account in the form of dividends or salary.

I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to your valuable advice and solutions to navigate these complex issues effectively.

Thank you in advance!
You should bring this into the mentor group. Remember what you post here stays, admin's won't delete the threads!