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New member
Hello guys,

maybe anyone from you have an Idea, I have one company in my Home Country and I have another Company (which is owned by a Friend in Hong Kong). I want to transfer some money from my company to the company of my friend, however my goverment doesnt accept a direct invoicing from Hong Kong Offshore Companys.

Does anyone know a service how it could be done over a third party company, for example I have thought about signing up on upwork.com with the HK company, so my company gets an Invoice from Upwork.com from USA and Upwork pays out the money including some fees to the HK company.

Does anyone know another service or way like that?


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I don't know what your home country is and what the rules are. But I would recommend the HK company creating EMI account(s) in Europe to get an IBAN, so the transfer will be SEPA (if your home country is in Europe of course).

The Upwork trick won't work. They will ask questions to the service and that it's not tracked with their system and then close your account (I tried).


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If you are the owner of your own business, then you need to keep invoices. I myself have owned a small grocery store for five years and it brings me enough income to exist and live a well-off life. However, I have all this thanks to the competent management of invoices and high-quality services for this task. The most important thing in any business is to keep all your bills in one place to avoid problematic situations like random invoices. Thank you for sharing this information with us and wish you all the best in the new year, bro! Let your business flourish
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