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Iota - when will the bubble burst?



New member
I have been watching IOTA for a while now and recently invested towards the end of January. Recently it has seen huge gains which has been brilliant for my wallet but when do you think this bubble will burst?

I just don't want to get caught out on a massive dip! Does anyone have any predictions on what this crypto might do?


Silver Member
No one know just imagine if Elon Musk says "IOTA" in one of his tweets, what I do is to keep the coins I don't want to keep in my broker with stop losses defined so if the shit goes down it will take profit as soon as possible... Now if you want to keep (I like some projects so I don't care if the price goes down) then you shouldn't be aware


New member
Maybe we should asking what will Elon tweet next? Doge is going to dump soon but it is crazy how a tweet can effect the market as he does.
Thanks for the feedback on your strategy, it will be interesting to see what the market does in the next few weeks.


iota is not known outside german speaking circles much or if you really dive deep into crypot, so elon tweeting about it has a low chance.
social media drives all these markets.
take half keep half and see where the ride goes. No one


yea put a stop loss at 15-20% or so that won't be triggered by the market makers and keep adjusting it upward as it goes up, and so in a worst case scenario you don't loose 60-80%.

haven't followed on IOTA for a while, last time I checked there was a huge single point of failure on one node ... not sure what is decentralized there, hopefully this has changed.

personally I give zero credits to all those coins with zero fees, it just won't work, too much room for abuse and too little incentive to run a decentralized network.

would be glad to hear if someone has any quick positive update on IOTA that is not bs partnerships or marketing crap.
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