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is AlertPay safe?

So far I haven't yet encountered no problems with PayPal. Since their fee structure and policies are more or less transparent it creates less doubt and their customer service too is moderate on most cases.
Are they back in business again and do they process credit cards?

For some time when I checked it wasn't able to accept Visa!
I took alertpay off my list of payment processors, because I had lately a talk to one of visas customer service guys.

He talk me that visa do not take them as safe.

Since then I am not longer working with alertpay.
Well, Alertpay is a very good alternative to many of the major e-wallets around, like PayPal and Moneybookers, also they accept mcuh what the others don't do.

Alertpay has been around for several years now and they do provide a reliable and professional service which can be used by almost anyone selling some services or products.
It works very well, and for me, much better then PayPal... read a few negative reviews about Alertpay, but I believe any company in a larger scale will have those negative reviews.
Alert pay is also an authentic one as paypal, Many sites like Bux.to are paid via alert pay. Only draw back I feel about alert pay is that, currently Indian banks are not allowed to link with it to make the transactions but in paypal its possible.
AlertPay is completely safe and one of the best online Payment processor after PayPal.The transaction fee is also competitive.Most of the trusted and paying websites accepts and pays payment through Alertpay.Getting money back from spam websites is very fast if you can file charge back claim with in 30 days of your transaction.So I believe Alertpay at par with PayPal.
alertpay safe

Hey friends I think Alertpay is safe and secured payment processor like paypal. I am having both accounts but as far as I am concerned I feel more comfortable with paypal account in comparison to alertpay. I never used alertpay a/c to withdraw or transfer my amount . Paypal is very user friendly.But few of my colleagues advocated about safe & secure withdrawal and of money from alertpay.
The main atraction of AlertPay over PayPal for many online marketers is that AlertPay allows you to operate a multi-tier affiliate program and pay affiliates via AlertPay. PayPal won't — it will restrict (close!) your account for breaching its draconian Acceptable Use Policy.

Bottom Line: it's almost impossible to trade for more than five minutes online without breaching PayPal's AUP. It's so broad in scope, and so sloppily-drafted, that everyone's in breach, one way or another.
Does AlertPay has their own Affiliate system which can be used by 3rd Parties?

Just wondering if it is possible to implement this directly into our own sites to avoid the costs of developing our own affiliate system, any info please.