Is cgbanque legit? reviews..


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There is a lot of controversial information about them out there. Personally I have had no experience with them as of yet but consider to test them some time in the future.


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I have tried searching about this bank in the forums but have not seen much going on.
I have searched on google and come up with an offshorecorp link but does not exist! Any idea why this is?

To my main question: I see cgbanque advertising here. Is this bank legit? reliable?
How long has it been running for? Anyone with any experience?
The post was deleted as soon as the alleged "Bank" started to advertise in the forum. Draw your own conclusions on what was the content of that thread..... (hint: nothing possitive for the new advertiser)

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@jackr2d2 The below thread posted by a Panama Law firm about them is still available on the forum. I say nothing more nin%¤#


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