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Is it possible to register a Cyprus Company anonymously?


Cyprus Company Formation
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Dec 30, 2008
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Actually it is almost possible, a Cyprus Company formation can take place with nominee shareholders and directors, those nominee services are common to use when registering a company in Cyprus, since the beneficial owner won’t be listed on the public register of companies in Cyprus.When registering a company in Cyprus it is important to know [...]

If you register the Cyprus company with nominee shareholders it is 100% anonymously, the beneficial owners information is only released by Cyprus court order, that's what I read, I checked with a other Cyprus company what information you get from the companies house in Cyprus, and it isn't much at least not the real owner :)
Yes you can open a bank account for your Cyprus company no problems at all, just start the process once you have the company incorporated. In general it isn't any problem to register a company in Cyprus regardless of what activity it might have (some restrictions apply) however, some replica businesses are already doing business from Cyprus today, same applies for other industries like Adult, Pharmacy and Gambling.

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