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Is there a robot to auto trade bitcoin or ETH?


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I wonder if you someone know is there a ROBOT to trade crypto, it need something that is for beginner I don't know how trading works but would like to see if I can make some extra money?

Any suggestion or input is good please.


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You can build your own bot with kraken, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Bitfinex... API. It's the better solution because you program what you want exactly.


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No. There isn't a robot that can do crypto trading for you and earn you money. Ask yourself. If you had a robot that could make you money trading crypto/stocks/whatever, would you sell it/share it with others?


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No. There isn't a robot that can do crypto trading for you and earn you money. Ask yourself. If you had a robot that could make you money trading crypto/stocks/whatever, would you sell it/share it with others?
A trading software could be a standard software with more features than trading directly in the crypto exchange. For instance, in sportsbetting you can trade with softwares such as betangel, betting assistant... in order to trade on Betfair.

If OP need for instance conditional orders, usage of multiples crypto platforms, differents sources of datas, store datas in a database ..etc... an external software is needed indeed. As I said the best thing to do is to developp this tool directly for the maximum flexibility, and it's not particularly difficult to do.


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It is possible to break the Efficient Market Hypothesis and make money in the short term. You become part of the invisible hand that makes the market efficient (effectively stochastic) in the long term.

As I see it there are three types of trading bots:
  1. Quantitative algo bots using technical analysis, often on leveraged products, to predict market movements and time your buys and sells. As far as I can tell, these are mostly well intentioned voodoo that don't work in the long term. Of course survivorship bias leads to enthusiastic believers, just as you would get if you give random horse racing tips to enough people. The unlucky traders give up, the lucky ones become advocates, and the bot seller looks like a genius.
  2. Very simple crypto bots using cross-exchange arbitrage (buy on one exchange while the selling same coin on another) or triangular arbitrage (buy and sell three markets to complete the triangle). If you get the settings right then these can make a small % profit, but in most cases you won't get much turnover.
  3. Quantitative algo bots that actually work. As @NicolasMaduro implies, successful traders are not going to sell you their code. They just use it to trade.
The world's most successful trading bot (stocks, Fx, commodities) is probably run by Renaissance Technologies Medallion Fund, which averaged 71.8% annual return on a $10 billion fund over 20+ years (before fees). The founder is an award winning mathematician and topologist, as well as ex NSA cryptologist who hired almost 100 PhDs, harvested massive amounts of data, invested in world class engineering, is believed to host atomic clocks in various exchanges, etc.

You can beat this % fairly easily if you run a very small crypto fund. But it is hard to scale it up and keep it profitable.

There is a fourth approach, but the bot is incidental. Sometimes there is a consistent price difference in some country. Venezuela recently, Iran before, and South Korea for a while before. For a few months Bitcoin was valued 10% to 20% higher in Korea because the KRW was overvalued. During that time billions of dollars of BTC were traded in South Korea. Some people will have made a lot of money, because it was not easy to transfer large amounts of KRW back to USD due to regulation and unofficial currency controls.


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I have some friends that make a living from trading. They tell me that AI/Robots that works are not on sale, only offered to HNI or big funds.
For retail there are plenty of options that they look too good to be true.
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